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Beijing Jin Hongtai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014.Beijing Jin Hongtai is a comprehensive company mainly focusing on the producing, processing, designing constructing, installing and researching on marine corrosion materials and other new materials.

The products range from marine steel pipe piles, cement piles, spoon-drift area coating technology to new material products which including Mg, Al and Zn alloy sacrificial anodes, rare earth magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy plate, magnesium alloy welding wire, and so on.

Complete after-sales system, one-to-one after-sales personnel follow-up, at any time to solve problems in the use of products.

Customized production according to customer needs, real-time feedback of product production, ensure that high-quality products teach customers.

Beijing Jin Hongtai

The products are complete in variety, excellent in quality, and can be customized according to customers'needs.

Beijing Jin Hongtai

Beijing Jin Hongtai

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 Beijing Jin Hongtai Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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